Astrologers have many tools for exploring  the assets, challenges and
 potential of each individual.  The ones I find most helpful are the Natal
Chart, the Solar  Return Chart, and  planetary Transits and  Progressions.  
Questions about love, compatibility,  and the physical, emotional, and mental
dynamics  between two individuals can be explored within  the more complex
Relationship Chart analysis. 
Background and Philosophy
My interest in astrology has been lifelong, beginning with the familiarity
I felt when first glimpsing the 12 glyphs of the zodiac in the back of a
dictionary as a 9 year old. My fascination with the heavens never left and
I studied astrology on my own over the years, until taking formal course-
work in the 1990's.
I view astrology as a way of looking at the unfolding of human conscious-
ness through the mirror of the heavens; the self-affirming Sun, the changing
Moon that reflects our emotional needs, and the cycles of the planetary
bodies, each expressing a unique psychological part of our being in our
evolutionary unfoldment.
The astrological birth chart is a map of the heavens at the precise time and place where you were born. It displays the imprint of your soul's choices for this lifetime, in terms of areas to be developed or  "worked through", as well as the gifts you have brought with you into this life's journey. There is nothing which dictates how you live out this blueprint. There are no good or bad choices; simply choices!

I take a psychological and spiritual approach to astrology, with the view that we are souls, evolving through human experience while here on Earth. I am also a pragmatic astrologer, addressing the practical concerns of my clients' everyday lives.

Natal Chart ~ An Interactive Process of Self Discovery
The natal chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the exact moment and place where you were born. This chart analysis focuses on your talents and gifts, how you might express them, as well as highlighting potential growth and life lessons inherent within your chart. A reliable birth date, time and place is very important to the accuracy of any astrological interpretation. I recommend a natal chart consultation as a foundation for anyone new to astrology, and wishing to expand their awareness and explore their full potential. Approximately one hour consultation. 

Transits and Progressions ~ Current and Future Trends
This consultation explores the movement of the planets and how they relate to outer events unfolding in your life; now, and in the near future. I will also analyze your chart's progressed planets, to identify your current psychological needs, in terms of your inner unfoldment. We will address one or two of your key issues or concerns. Approximately one hour consultation.
Relationship Chart ~ How Do We Relate?
This is an in-depth comparison of the charts of two individuals. Strengths, challenges, areas of greatest harmony, sexual compatibility, and the potential of the relationship to grow, support one another and endure, are all areas which can be explored. We will also look at your combined, or "composite" chart.
I request the permission of both persons before I do a relationship analysis. I allow 90 minutes for this consultation.
Solar Return Chart ~ Your Storyline from One Birthday to the Next
The Solar Return chart is used to discover the theme or "year-in-the-life" story for the upcoming twelve months. This yearly chart is based on the Sun's return to its birth position on, or very near, your birthday each year. It therefore places special emphasis on where you find your personal, creative and vital self, or "Sun's" expression in the coming solar cycle of one year's duration. Read much like a natal chart, except lasting for just one year, other themes examined within the Solar Return chart may include health,  relationships, finances,  family, and work.
relationships, creativity, finances, home, work and family. Approximately one hour consultation.

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