Astrology and Flower Essences
Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences
   "A  "Flower-Food Connection"
When I first began studying Spirit-In-Nature's 20
flower essences, several years ago, it became apparent
that we can make a connection between the foods
we are currently craving, and the flower essence we
might be in need of. That is because these unique
essences are all derived from the blossoms of many
common foods which we love to eat; various fruits,
vegetables, and nuts. If we crave one of these foods,
we can determine the flower essence's quality we're
likely to benefit from at that time. I have found this
"flower-food connection" most uncanny (and often
These 20 essences have proven reliable in identifying and addressing a wide range of unhealthy condtions, such as a lack of self confidence, procrastination, depressive thoughts, poor body image, and many others. Your astrological chart can reflect your need for a particular essence. Flower essences can be of real support in weathering difficult planetary transits.

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About Kathy
"Kathy Loveless is a superb and insightful practitioner of Spirit-in-Nature Essences (formerly Master's Flower Essences), 
with a wisdom and sensitivity beyond book-learning. She is certified through our home study course and gifted in her work with others." Lila Devi Stone, Founder MFE/Spirit-in-Nature Essences 
As an astrological counselor and flower essence practitioner, I use both astrology and flower essences to help you understand and address your current life's conditions. I use astrology to help you identify the issues reflected by current planetary aspects in your chart. I also offer flower essences to restore balance and well being during challenging planetary activity.