Astrological Counseling Services
Natal Chart ~ An Interactive Process of Self Discovery
This consultation focuses on the area of your personality as well as gifts and life lessons inherent
within your birth chart. A natal chart interpretation is recommended as a foundation for anyone new
to astrology and wishing to expand one's self awareness and explore his or her inner potential. A
reliable birth date, time and place is very important for the accuracy of interpretation. Approximately
one hour. This taped interactive phone consultation is sent to you on a Cassette or CD 75.00

Transits and Progressions ~ Current and Future Trends
This consultation explores the current planetary movements over the next year, and what lessons and opportunities they may reflect through unfolding events in the various departments of your life. We will address one or two key issues you are currently concerned with. Approximately one hour. This taped interactive phone consultation is sent to you on Cassette or CD. 75.00

Solar Return Chart ~ Your Storyline from One Birthday to the Next
In this consultation we examine your Solar Return chart to learn the theme in your "year in the life" story for the coming twelve months' period. Issues discussed may include health, relationships,. finances, home, work, family, travel, and more. Approximately one hour taped interactive phone consultation, sent to you on either Cassette or CD. 75.00

Relationship and Compatibility ~ How Do We Relate?
This is an in-depth comparison of the charts of two individuals, each having a reliable time and place of birth. Strengths, challenges, areas of greatest harmony, sexual compatibility, and the potential of your relationship to grow, support one another, and endure, are all areas which may be discussed. (Permission of both indivduals is requested for this chart analysis. Being familiar with your own natal chart prior to this consultation is highly recommended for both individuals. )
Approximately  ninety minutes taped phone consultation, sent to you on either cassette or CD.  200.00  

Healing Modalities
Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences
In this consultation you will discover your personal flower "theme" essence as well as possible "plot" or "need"
essences in your life's story. Finally, we will also determine which essence(s) are most recommended to address
the issues you are dealing with in your current life situation. These consultations are light as well as enlightening!
Approximately one hour consultation. 40.00 + 5.00 per 1 ounce remedy bottle. Your flower essences are sent to
you with written information and instructions for their proper usage. Clients usually require 2 - 4 essence remedies.
(Flower essences do not replace treatment by a duly licensed health care professional.)

Emotional Freedom Technique ~ EFT
During this consultation I will guide you through a simple tapping technique which can help you to release
negative emotional patterns of response which have become stuck due to a disruption in your body's energy
system.  Though this gentle process takes minutes to learn and perform, I allow one hour for this consultation,
to ensure we get to all the possible hidden aspects of your core issue. An  EFT instruction sheet will be sent
 to you via e mail prior to our phone consultation.  (Includes one complimentary 20 minute follow-up session,
if required.)   60.00
(The information contained on this website regarding Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is provided 
only as general information, and is not intended to represent that EFT is used to diagnose, treat, cure, or
prevent any disease or psychological disorder.  EFT is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.)


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