Kathy Loveless
Astrological Counselor
I have been a practicing astrologer for over 10 years. I received formal training in astrology at the Academy of Astrology in Lansing, Michigan, founded in 1983. There I took structured coursework in the history of astrology, its theory, and various techniques. I was also skillfully mentored in its practical, ethical application. Following four years of training, I achieved the Certificate of Competence in Astrology. My study is ever-ongoing, and includes attending various conferences, such as United Astrology Conference in Orlando, Fla 2002, and the Summer School Program with the highly regarded Faculty of Astrological Studies at Oxford, England in 2004. I have been enriched to have studied with some of the finest, most dedicated teachers in the Midwest,
and have also attended lectures and seminars with such notable astrologers
as Robert Hand, Liz Greene, Noel Tyl, and many other well respected
professionals in the field of astrology today. I am a member of the American
Federation of Astrologers.
Certified Flower Essence Practitioner
I have studied flower essences extensively with Lila Devi Stone, one of
the foremost experts in the field of flower essence therapy today.   Lila
has over 30 years of experience as a practitioner, author, educator, and
dedicated proponent of flower essences , in both the U.S. and interna-
tionally, as well.  My 2 year practitioner's course of study with Lila included
learning how essences are made, how to intuit a plant's signature or gift of
healing, and how to determine which essences to take for oneself or for a
client. I learned that flower essences can address specific mental or emotional
needs, and can restore balance, vitality, and a sense of both physical and
spiritual well being. The healing properties of flower essences can also extend
to our pets, who are very receptive to Nature's subtle, restorative energies.

"Kathy Loveless is a superb and insightful practitioner of Spirit-in-Nature Essences (formerly Master's Flower Essences), 
with a wisdom and sensitivity beyond book-learning. She is certified through our home study course and gifted in her work with others." Lila Devi Stone, Founder MFE/Spirit-in-Nature Essences 
Flower Essences
Personal Background
I have been fortunate to have had a lifetime of varied and rich learning experiences to draw upon. I have fond memories of singing in the Episcopal Church choir as a little girl. I have a deep appreciation of those first spiritual impressions. When I was still very young my parents began a quest for deeper personal understanding of Life's mysteries which led them beyond the Church. Each with their moon in Aquarius, my parents were models of the late 20th century "spiritual quest", and both of them went on to do healing work and metaphysical teaching and counseling later in life.
We first studied with a disciple of the Indian mystic, Paramhansa Yogananda, before being led to the teachings of the Coptic Fellowship of America. My formative years involved weekly study with the Coptics, in Detroit, under the tutelage of a Swiss born chemist, healer and Adept; (he was also a contemporary of Einstein at the University of Zurich!) In addition, I was exposed to a great many of the metaphysical teachings of the day, such as Theosophy, and Alice Bailey. I was inspired by other teachings which focused on the power of the harmonious co-creation of mankind with Nature's unseen kingdom ~ notably demonstrated at the Findhorn Community in Scotland, which my husband and I visited in the early 1970's.
As a young woman I worked to help establish a spiritual cooperative community which focused on the balanced merging of traditional and spiritual/metaphysical education for children where family values and service to humanity were considered of paramount importance in one's life. I wore "many hats", working in the various departments of the busy community and school, with special joy taken in helping with the development of the children's spiritual educational program and activities.
There I met my husband and started a family. After living and serving there for 9 years, our life moved us in new directions. I experienced the usual joys and challenges of the "real world"; marriage, raising two daughters, jobs, and helping to run a household which was my primary focus as our children were growing.
When our daughters were well on their own way in life, I returned to the formal studies of astrology and healing. With the loving support of my husband and partner of 35 years, I have spent recent years devoting my energies to helping others find their own path to healing and wholeness, through Astrology and companion healing modes.
Emotional Freedom Technique ~ EFT-ADV Practitioner
"The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body's energy system"
My attraction to EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique came out of a need to help myself and others clear out negative responses to life situations. After experimenting with this simple acupressure technique myself, with positive results, I took both the basic and advanced training in EFT to offer it as a tool to guide others in identifying and releasing difficult, "stuck" patterns in their lives. I have been using this gentle acupressure technique in my practice ever since, with inspiring results.
Emotional Freedom Technique is a healing mode at the vanguard of today's growing field of Energy Psychology. Developed by Gary Craig, a Stanford trained engineer, Emotional Freedom Technique is based on the premise that we have an energy system which is interconnected with our physical body. Negative experiences or emotions can cause this vital energy flow to become stuck. As a result, we may develop unexplainable fears, negative habitual behaviour, or
"untreatable" pain. Focusing on our problem or pain, while tapping key spots along the body's energy pathways, we are able to release the blockage of energy and restore balance and well being.