Kind Remarks
I have appreciated Kathy's work for many years and find her to be very precise and scientific in her research
and calculations. I like her approach very much; no "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts"; rather, things that one might be
more or less likely to have to deal with upon making certain choices. This rings true to me. When Kathy goes into
the very subtle aspects of astrology, she always provides practical explanations, giving me some new insights into
astrology and myself. I cannot thank her enough for the help, encouragement, and calm understanding she has
shown over the years. J. H. Psychologist

Kathy is a kind, caring, and gentle person. She translates practical and spiritual concerns into safe, accurate, and
timely astrological counseling. Kathy is also gifted at understanding higher vibrational and transpersonal issues
within the context of astrology. K.K., Professional Counselor, Lansing, Michigan

'Kathy Loveless has been my astrological consultant for over 8 years. Her insightful and accurate interpretations
have been most helpful in my life. Her projections have been "dead on" regarding the upcoming dates, events, and
issues that show up in my chart. She always gives more than one possibility of interpretation and reminds me that
there is always the aspect of "freewill". I would encourage anyone to avail themself of her abilities!"  K. C., Michigan

"Your outlook and gifted counseling skills helped me get through the toughest life lesson I have experienced
(thus far). I cannot express enough gratitude for the compassion and empathy you offered me." Jessi F., Michigan

"Over the last several years you have inspired me with accurate knowledge and insights to better myself, and my life.
Your consultations are educational, practical, and inspiring. You are a truly kind and calming spirit and you guide
people without judgment. Whether it's through astrology, EFT, or the flower essences - all have been extremely
useful in my life. The EFT helped me deal with my anxiety and childhood issues and still, to this day, I use it for
some issues I stumble over daily. I swear by the flower essences! I don't know exactly how they work but I do know
when I have not taken my Orange essence! It is truly an honor to know you, Kathy!"    Heather Martin, Washington

"I enjoy looking into the future and seeing what choices might be available to me. Kathy is very knowledgeable and
yet makes this deep subject easy to understand. She is always ready to answer any questions I might have. I get
an astrology update at least once a year and look forward to each one. She is a joy to be with!" J.W.

"Kathy, these flower essences are a very precious gift and I feel both supported and shifted by them. When taking
Avocado essence, I thought I was taking it to help me to have mental focus in learning Spanish. It turns out I was
dealing with lots of new skills from handling San Francisco traffic, to learning wound care. And I do honestly feel
a sense of centered focus as I navigate this new part of my life. Your healing gift has eased a very challenging time."
L.C. , Michigan

As a clinical psychologist I have found Kathy's professional counseling assistance to be a real compliment to my work. She has been especially helpful with my own personal life issues, including relationships, adult parenting issues, goals, and much more. Kathy's ability to be available to her clients is amazing! Her calm, positive, and objective nature provides the professional guidance an individual in a crisis desperately needs. Roxanne F., Ph.D., L.L.P.

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